899+ Patrick Mahomes Inspired Fantasy Football Team Names for Fans (2023)

Patrick Mahomes Fantasy Names: Fantasy football isn’t just about assembling a winning roster; Building a good fantasy football team isn’t the only thing that matters. Having fun and being creative are also important.

Making up a funny or unique team name is one way to add some personality and humor to your fantasy team. And what better way to do that than to use the star power of Patrick Mahomes, the amazing quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs?

This piece is all about fantasy football team names that are based on Patrick Mahomes. It includes tips, puns, and lots of fun ideas.

Why Choose Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes is great at football, but he’s also a major star. Because of his amazing skills, charismatic attitude, and unique way of playing, he’s a great choice for the name of your fantasy team. Let us talk about why Mahomes is a great name for your team.

Highlighting Patrick Mahomes’ Star Power

It would be great if you had a dream player on your team like Patrick Mahomes. He is one of the best players in the league because of his amazing throwing arm, his ability to think on his feet, and his undeniable charm. Putting Mahomes’ name on your team not only shows that you believe in his skills, but it also gives your group a bit of star power.

His Unique Qualities for Fantasy Football-Themed Names

Mahomes is a great quarterback in fantasy football because he can make any game a battle. He likes games with a lot of points, which makes it easy to come up with creative team names. Mahomes gives you a lot of options, whether you want to use humor, smart wordplay, or pop culture references.

Patrick Mahomes Fantasy Names

Mahomes Puns and Playful Team Name Ideas

Creative team names are built around puns, and Patrick Mahomes’ last name gives us a lot of chances to play with words. Here are some fun ideas to get you thinking creatively:

  • “Mahomes Sweet Mahomes”
  • “The Mahomies Show”
  • “Mahomes Burglar Alarm”
  • “Mahomes, Set, Match!”
  • “Mahomes and Garden”
  • “Mahomesick for Victory”
  • “Mahomes’ Gridiron Gurus”
  • “Mahomes Run This Town”
  • “The Mahomesmashers”
  • “Mahomes’ Touchdown Tango”
  • “Mahomes’ Air Show”
  • “The Mahomes Marvels”
  • “Mahomes’ Pigskin Pirates”
  • “Mahomes Sweet Mahomes, Alabama”
  • “Mahomes’ End Zone Enigmas”
  • “Mahomes of Thrones”
  • “The Mahomes’ Maneaters”
  • “Mahomes’ Victory Lap”
  • “Bada-Bing, Bada-Mahomes”
  • “The Mahomie Miracle Workers”
  • “Mahomes’ Field of Dreams”
  • “The Mahomes-terminds”
  • “Mahomes’ Gridiron Giggles”
  • “The Mahomes’ Touchdown Tornados”
  • “Mahomes’ Red-Zone Revolutionaries”
  • “Mahomes’ Pocket Protégés”
  • “The Mahomes’ Blitz Busters”
  • “Mahomes’ Downfield Dynamo”
  • “The Mahomie Mystery Men”

Classic Football References with a Mahomes Twist

There are a lot of traditions in football, and you can respect them while still having fun. For a great team name, mix old football words with a Mahomes twist:

  • “Mahomes on the Range”
  • “Mahomes Field Advantage”
  • “Mahomes Stretch Play”
  • “Mahomes Run to Glory”
  • “The Mahomes Gridiron Gurus”
  • “Mahomes’ Quarterback Blitz”
  • “The Mahomie Touchdown Express”
  • “Huddle Up with Mahomes”
  • “End Zone Mahomies”
  • “Mahomes’ Field Generals”
  • “The Mahomie 4th Down Heroes”
  • “Touchdown Mahomes Rumble”
  • “The Mahomes Scoring Squires”
  • “Mahomes’ Red Zone Commanders”
  • “The Mahomie Linebacker Legends”
  • “Mahomes’ Goal-Line Guardians”
  • “The Mahomie 2-Point Conversion Kings”
  • “Mahomes’ Safety Enforcers”
  • “The Mahomie Blitz Brigade”
  • “Mahomes’ Extra Point Specialists”
  • “The Mahomes Offensive Aces”
  • “Mahomes’ Special Teams Mavericks”
  • “The Mahomie Punt Block Pros”
  • “Mahomes’ End Zone Interceptors”
  • “The Mahomes Fumble Recovery Masters”
  • “Mahomes’ Sack Attack Squadron”
  • “The Mahomie Tackle Titans”
  • “Mahomes’ Touchdown Dance Masters”

Cool Fantasy Names

  • “Mahomes’ Air Force”
  • “Kings of Mahomes’ Castle”
  • “Touchdown Maestros”
  • “The Mahomes Dynasty”
  • “Patrick’s Perfectionists”
  • “End Zone Magicians”
  • “Chiefs of the Gridiron”
  • “Mahomes and Mavericks”
  • “Blitzkrieg Brigade”
  • “The Mahomes Militia”
  • “Silver Spoon Scramblers”
  • “No-Look Navigators”
  • “Mahomes’ Thunderbolts”
  • “Red Zone Royalty”
  • “Gridiron Geniuses”
  • “Chiefs’ Reigning Champs”
  • “Mahomes’ Marvels”
  • “The Patrick Powerhouses”
  • “Gridiron Gladiators”
  • “Mahomes’ Monarchs of Mayhem”

Funny Fantasy Names

  • “Mahomes Alone: The Ketchup Heist”
  • “Mahomes’ Comedy Club: Laughter & Touchdowns”
  • “The Mahomesburg Address: Our Game Plan”
  • “Mahomes’ Dazzling Dream Team”
  • “Game of Throws: Mahomes Edition”
  • “The Mahomes Marauders: Touchdown Raiders”
  • “Ketchup Kings & Touchdown Things”
  • “Mahomes’ Monopoly Masters: Buy, Pass, Touchdown”
  • “The Mahomes Mischief Makers”
  • “Hike, Line, and Laughter: Mahomes Style”
  • “Mahomes’ Magic Show: Touchdowns in Disguise”
  • “The Mahomes Misfits: Winning with Wit”
  • “Fantasy Funnymen: Mahomes & Company”
  • “Ketchup & Clowning: Mahomes’ Circus Act”
  • “Mahomes’ Touchdown Troupe”
  • “Game Changers: Mahomes & Giggles”
  • “Comedic Crushers: The Mahomes Crew”
  • “Mahomes’ Jesters of Touchdowns”
  • “The Mahomes Merry-Go-Round: Spin to Victory”
  • “Touchdown Comedy Club: Mahomes’ Stand-Up Stars”

Great Fantasy Names

  • “Mahomes’ Aerial Assassins”
  • “Ketchup Kings of the Gridiron”
  • “Mahomesfield Marvels”
  • “The Mahomes Dynasty”
  • “Touchdown Mahomies”
  • “Mahomes’ Magic Maniacs”
  • “Chiefs of the End Zone”
  • “Patrick’s Pigskin Pioneers”
  • “Mahomes Sweet Mahomies”
  • “The Mahomes Mafia”
  • “Air Mahomes Elite”
  • “Kansas City Chiefs of Fantasy”
  • “Mahomes’ Hail Mary Heroes”
  • “Mahomes’ Fantasy Kingdom”
  • “Red Zone Royalty”
  • “Ketchup & Mahomes’ Delight”
  • “Mahomes’ Touchdown Trailblazers”
  • “Mahomes’ Rocket Arm Raiders”
  • “The Mahomes Showtime Squad”
  • “Kingdom of Mahomes’ Majesty”

Unique Fantasy Names

  • “Mahomes’ Magic Makers”
  • “The Mahomes Mavericks”
  • “Ketchup Kings of Fantasy”
  • “Hail Mahomes: Touchdown Titans”
  • “Red Zone Revolutionaries”
  • “Mahomes’ Aerial Artists”
  • “End Zone Enigmas”
  • “The Mahomie Marauders”
  • “Arrowhead Armada”
  • “K.C. Chiefs of Fantasy”
  • “Mahomes’ Meteor Makers”
  • “The Mahomes Marvels”
  • “Gridiron Gourmets: Mahomes’ Ketchup Crew”
  • “Touchdown Turnpike: Mahomes Express”
  • “Mahomes’ MVP Mystique”
  • “Kings of Kansas City Fantasy”
  • “Mahomes’ Monarchs of Scoring”
  • “The Red and Gold Rush”
  • “The Mahomes Mischief Makers”
  • “Fantasy Fireworks: Mahomes’ Showtime”

Patrick WordPlay

  • “The Patrick Pioneers”
  • “Touchdown Pat’s Squad”
  • “Patrick’s Aerial Assault”
  • “The Pass-Happy Pat Pack”
  • “Patrick’s Pigskin Avengers”
  • “Patrick’s End Zone Heroes”
  • “Patrick’s Pocket Protectors”
  • “Captain Patrick’s Huddle”
  • “Patrick’s Victory Lap”
  • “The Patrick Powerhouses”
  • “Patrick’s Blitz Brigade”
  • “Patrick’s Touchdown Tornado”
  • “Patrick’s Gridiron Gladiators”
  • “The Patrick Pass-Catchers”
  • “Patrick’s Red Zone Raiders”
  • “Patrick’s Football Fireworks”
  • “Patrick’s TD Titans”
  • “The Patrick Point Pioneers”
  • “Patrick’s Aerial Acrobats”
  • “Patrick’s Pigskin Commanders”

Mahomes WordPlay

  • “Mahomes Away from Home”
  • “Mahomeslice of Victory”
  • “Dial M for Mahomes”
  • “Mahomes Sweet Mahomecoming”
  • “Mahomes on the Range: Wild West Touchdowns”
  • “Mahomesfield Advantage: The Winning Playbook”
  • “Mahomes Stretch Play: Reaching for Glory”
  • “Hitching Your Mahomes to the Stars”
  • “Mahomes on Fire: The Touchdown Blaze”
  • “In Mahomes We Trust: The Fantasy Edition”
  • “Mahomes Is Where the Art Is: Masterpiece Team”
  • “Mahomesweet Victory: A Taste of Triumph”
  • “Mahomes Is Where the Start Is: Rising High”
  • “Mahomes Is Where the Heart Beats: Passionate Touchdowns”
  • “Mahomes Is Where the Smiles Are: Fun & Games”
  • “Mahomes Is Where the Laughter Is: Comic Touchdowns”
  • “Mahomes at the Speed of Touchdowns”
  • “Mahomes’ Magic Carpet Ride”
  • “Mahomes’ Monarchs of the Gridiron”
  • “The Mahomes Makers: Crafting Wins”

Going Beyond Football

Even though Mahomes is famous for football, don’t be afraid to look into other parts of his life and hobbies. Adding things like his love of ketchup or his golfing skills can help make a team name that stands out.

Avoiding Common Mistakes in Fantasy Team Naming

As you dive into the creative process, be mindful of some common pitfalls.

Overcomplicating or Being Too Obscure

While clever wordplay is great, don’t make your team name so complicated that it goes over everyone’s head. Keep it fun and accessible.

Using Clichés and Overused References

Avoid the low-hanging fruit. Using the same tired references can make your team name forgettable.

Ignoring Copyright and Trademark Concerns

Be cautious about using copyrighted material in your team name. It’s best to create something original to avoid any legal headaches.

Patrick Mahomes-Inspired Fantasy Football Team Names

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for: a list of creative and humorous team name ideas inspired by Patrick Mahomes. Feel free to mix, match, and modify these suggestions to create your own unique team name.

Classic Football References:

  • “Mahomesfield Advantage”
  • “The Mahomes Hail Marys”
  • “Mahomes’ End Zone Heroes”
  • “Mahomes’ Touchdown Tango”
  • “The Mahomes Blitz Brigade”
  • “Mahomes’ Two-Minute Wonders”
  • “The Mahomie Safeties”
  • “Patrick’s Red Zone Raiders”
  • “Mahomes’ Extra Point Patriots”
  • “The Mahomie Fumblerooskis”
  • “Patrick’s Scramble Squad”
  • “Mahomes’ Sack Masters”
  • “The Mahomie Goal-Line Gurus”
  • “Patrick’s End Zone Entourage”
  • “Mahomes’ Pigskin Prodigies”
  • “The Mahomie Gridiron Gang”
  • “Patrick’s Two-Point Titans”
  • “Mahomes’ Field Goal Fanatics”
  • “The Mahomie Fourth-Quarter Fanatics”
  • “Patrick’s Huddle Heroes”
  • “Mahomes’ QB Sneak Specialists”
  • “The Mahomie Playbook Pioneers”
  • “Patrick’s Halfback Hooligans”
  • “Mahomes’ Touchdown Thunder”
  • “The Mahomie Punt Protectors”
  • “Patrick’s End Zone Enforcers”
  • “Mahomes’ Line of Scrimmage Legends”
  • “The Mahomie Sideline Slingers”

Pop Culture Mashups:

  • “Mahomes Alone: Home Touchdown”
  • “Mahomes’ Marvelous Passengers”
  • “The Mahomie Ducks”
  • “Mahomes Alone: Wet Bandit Blitz”
  • “The Mahomie Avengers Assemble”
  • “Mahomes’ Jurassic Touchdown Park”
  • “Stranger Mahomes Things”
  • “Game of Throws: The Mahomes Dynasty”
  • “The Walking Mahomies”
  • “Mahomespool: Maximum Touchdown”
  • “Mahomes and Recreation”
  • “Rick and Mahomes”
  • “The Big Bang Mahomies”
  • “Sherlock Maholmes: The Touchdown Mystery”
  • “The Office of Mahomes Affairs”
  • “Ghostbusters: Mahomes Edition”
  • “Harry Potter and the Mahomes’ Touchdown Charm”
  • “The Mahomie Busters: Who You Gonna Call?”
  • “Mahomes and the Furious: Touchdown Drift”
  • “Jurassic Park: Mahomes’ Gridiron Rampage”
  • “Guardians of the Mahomie-Verse”
  • “Mahomes Trek: Touchdown Beyond”
  • “The Mahomie Witch Project”
  • “Mission: Impossible – Scoring with Mahomes”
  • “The Mandalorian Mahomies”
  • “Back to the Mahomes: Touchdown to the Future”
  • “Mahomesbusters: Ecto-Touchdown”
  • “The Mahomie Identity: Touchdown Conspiracy”

Punny Delights:

  • “Mahomies Sweet Mahomies”
  • “Patrick & the Mahomies”
  • “The Mahomie Homers”
  • “Mahomes is Where the Heart Is”
  • “Mahomes Alone: The Ketchup Chronicles”
  • “Mahomesweet Home Alabama”
  • “Home Is Where the Mahomes Is”
  • “Mahomeslice of Heaven”
  • “Dial M for Mahomes”
  • “Mahomes of Thrones”
  • “Mahomesick Blues”
  • “The Mahomes for the Holidays”
  • “Mahomesweet Mahomecoming”
  • “To Mahomes and Beyond”
  • “Mahomes Away from Home”
  • “The Mahomes Improvement”
  • “Mahomes on the Range: Wild West Touchdowns”
  • “Mahomesfield Advantage: The Winning Playbook”
  • “Mahomes Stretch Play: Reaching for Victory”
  • “Hitching Your Mahomes to the Stars”
  • “Mahomes on Fire: The Touchdown Inferno”
  • “In Mahomes We Trust: The Fantasy Edition”
  • “Mahomes is Where the Art Is: The Masterpiece Team”
  • “Mahomesweet Victory: A Taste of Glory”
  • “Mahomes is Where the Start Is: Rising to the Top”
  • “Mahomes is Where the Heart Beats: Passion for Touchdowns”
  • “Mahomes Is Where the Smiles Are: Fun and Games”
  • “Mahomes Is Where the Laughter Is: Comic Touchdowns”


You can show off your wit, fun, and love for the game with the name of your fantasy football team. His great play and interesting personality make Patrick Mahomes the perfect inspiration for a creative and remembered team name.

Stay creative, don’t use overused phrases, and remember to have fun. That being said, don’t be afraid to be creative and upgrade your fantasy football game.

By choosing a team name that is based on Patrick Mahomes, you are not only showing your support for a great player, but you are also making the season more exciting.

Many options are available to you, such as using humor, clever wordplay, or themes from pop culture.

Before you start playing fantasy football, don’t forget that picking the right team name can be just as exciting as picking your players. Show off your skills, make your friends laugh, and make a story that will last a lifetime.

all team name be a touchdown of humor and creativity!

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